WealthTech Matters - The Client 2021

Virtual Event

11 March 2021

WealthTech Matters - The Client - 11 March 2021

WealthTech Matters - The Client - 11 March 2021

  • 11 Mar 2021


    Virtual Event

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As a result of the pandemic, the pace of technological innovation is even faster - for both you and your clients. So how do you, as the most senior technology strategy decision-maker within your organisation, keep up? To respond to this need, working with Wealth Mosaic, we at Owen James have created a series of three WealthTech Matters to focus on the technological changes affecting the three key areas of your business: the client, the adviser/relationship manager and the business as a whole.

The March iteration will focus on the client.

Who will be on the screen? 

Each event will bring together 50 COOs, CTOs, CIOs and their teams from the top Wealth Managers, Private Banks, DFMs, Advisers and MFOs. The most up to date list of participants can be seen by clicking on the box on the right. 

What will be discussed?

To give you a feel for the content which will be addressed, please click on the box on the right to see the draft agenda. The final menu of roundtables will be published on Thursday 11 February when all participants will be invited to choose the sessions of most interest and relevance to their own business and interests. We are always keen to receive input from our delegation, so do please let us know if there are areas which you feel are worthy of discussion. 

Research undertaken to ensure the agenda is on track:

Do please take a look at the quantitative research findings captured from our participants during the autumn. This research is a key element of your participation and the headline findings are shared at the beginning of the event. Do have a look – these findings will hopefully reassure you that your fellow C suite are facing the same challenges as you are.

No fee.

There is no fee as participation is by invitation only. 

See the event in action
- below is a video from The Client:   


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