WealthTech Matters The Adviser 2023

Royal College of Physicians, 11 St Andrews Pl, London NW1 4LE

28 June 2023

WealthTech Matters The Adviser - June 2023

WealthTech Matters The Adviser - June 2023

  • 28 Jun 2023

    Royal College of Physicians

    Royal College of Physicians, 11 St Andrews Pl, London NW1 4LE

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Technology is core to the future wealth management model but, in an increasingly specialist technology environment, wealth managers must engage with a deeper knowledge and understanding of what technology is available and can deliver across the three main areas of their business; their clients, their advisers and staff and their business. 

Owen James and The Wealth Mosaic have collaborated to create a series of triannual events for key decision makers from the Private Wealth industry.

This event will focus on:

The Adviser - 28/06/2023

Wealth Management firms are challenged by multiple themes but also have significant opportunities available to them. Learn what role technology has to play here.

Each theme will discover and discuss technology solutions that solve key challenges facing your business. 

Who Will Be in attendance?..

Each event will bring together 50 COOs, CTOs, CIOs and their teams from the top Wealth Managers, Private Banks, DFMs, Advisers and MFOs.


The Client - 16/03/2023
How you find and engage prospects, onboard, manage and service clients efficiently and profitably is changing. Learn what technology tools are doing in these areas.

The Business - 09/11/2023
A wide range of technology now exists to increase the efficiency, speed and effectiveness of your employees. Learn what technology tools can do for your employees.

See the event in action - below is a video from a previous, WealthTech Matters - The Client 


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  • Annette Andrews

    Annette Andrews

    Founder & Director, Acaria Coaching & Consulting

    Annette Andrews is an experienced former Chief People Officer. She has worked cross sector on a global basis for over twenty-five years, with deep knowledge and expertise across the people agenda. MBA qualified and a Fellow of the UKs’ Chartered Institute of Personnel Development; Annette is also a qualified Executive Coach, and a certified Mediator. She was also the Master of the Company of Human Resource Professionals 2020/1. Named in 2019 as one of UK’s top 50 most influential HR practitioners. She has worked on a global basis in regulated organisation’s; including Ford Motor Company, Lloyds Banking Group and Lloyd’s Insurance; integrating best practise and adapting this to individual business needs. In 2020 she left her role as the Chief People Officer at Lloyd’s of London to set up Acaria Coaching and Consulting Ltd. She now has a rich portfolio career, working cross sector and on a global basis as a Coach, Consultant, Mediator, Non-Executive Director and as a Speaker and Event Facilitator. As a speaker she enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise, inspiring others with her passion and engaging with attendees - no matter the size of the audience. Equally comfortable in person or virtually, she provides high energy and insightful content; very focused on everyone being able to take something from the event that they can apply and learn from. She has a very natural style and approach, is very comfortable sharing her own story as an Executive female leader and, in addition to being a single parent, the challenges she encountered along the way. She weaves knowledge and expertise with business acumen and a great sense of humour. Having lived and worked globally she is able to adapt her style and approach to different audiences. As a real subject matter expert on a wide range of topics related to People and Culture; she takes a coaching style, integrating best practise and changing norms; she is able to apply her knowledge and experience to meet client needs and speak on a wide variety of topics including ‘Inclusive Leadership’, ‘Culture & Change’, ‘Wellbeing’, ‘Diversity & Inclusion’, ‘Creating those moments that matter’ etc. Experienced at facilitating groups discussions, from small to large scale, Annette also moderates events. She also participates in podcast discussions, roundtable events and webinars. She is an expert at adapting her knowledge and experience across a broad range of People related topics to meet the needs of the client and audience.


Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of Physicians, 11 St Andrews Pl, London NW1 4LE