How technology can distribute regulated documents

Virtual Event

6 May 2021

How technology can distribute regulated (and unregulated) documents

How technology can distribute regulated (and unregulated) documents

  • 6 May 2021

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    Virtual Event

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Are you struggling to go paperless despite the obvious cost and environmental savings? Join ALT/AVE on Thursday 6 May for a virtual briefing to hear how technology can distribute regulated (and unregulated) documents to customers in a way that minimises waste output and reduces a company's carbon footprint, protects customer information, and meets FCA rules.

Watch this short video to see more: docStribute - A Better Way

The event takes place between 08:30 and 09:30, there is no charge to take part.

Users of this technology also report: 

  • Cost reduction – Our fast-paced world remains heavily reliant on paper, which is out of kilter with the ESG ethos that are now commonplace at financial institutions. This is in spite of the FCA allowing regulated firms to use mediums other than paper to communicate tightly regulated information. At the event we will investigate the improvements to employee productivity and reduction in carbon footprint, whilst maintaining a seamless user experience.
  • Risk of non-compliance - The FCA requires that mandatory communications be 'immutable' and that they can be accessed ‘for a period of time adequate for the purpose of the information'. How do you comply with this tough requirement without sending endless reams of paper?
  • UX and customer journey - Customers need new channels through which to communicate with institutions and this need has been expedited by the pandemic. How are you adapting your business model to ensure that your customers can reach you when they need to?
  • NetZero 2050 - We must all work together otherwise we will miss the target. As the crisis grows larger and larger, we must look toward our businesses and operating methods for ways to help. What changes can you make? 



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