A Meeting of Minds Asset Management

20 May 2021

A Meeting of Minds Asset Management

A Meeting of Minds Asset Management

A Meeting bringing together Chief Executive Officers and Chief Operating Officers from substantial asset management firms – both retail and institutional. The goal is to provide a platform for these very senior men and women to address the big issues they are grappling with. The Meeting is Chatham House and thus participants are encouraged to speak openly and frankly and share insights and learning in the knowledge that any comments they might make will be non-attributable.

As per normal, it will be a game of two halves.

The first part of the roundtable will be led by David Gauke, who is now Head of Policy at Macfarlanes. You will remember him as Theresa May’s Lord Chancellor.  He is still plugged into the Westminster bubble (very Covid compliant) and will be able to update us on his thoughts around both the global political landscape as well as that more close to home. In other words, he will cover what we should expect from the G7 meeting through to the politics post Super Thursday, including Hartlepool as well as north of the border! And, of course, we feel sure he may have some views regarding those famous curtains! 

The second half will ask the question: "Is the asset management industry ready for COP 26?".

There is no fee as participation is by invitation only. 

We very much hope you will make the time to join us. 




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