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The Berkeley Hotel, Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7RL

5 March 2020

A Meeting of Minds - Asset Management - 5 March 2020

A Meeting of Minds - Asset Management - 5 March 2020

  • 5 Mar 2020

    The Berkeley Hotel, Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7RL

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A Meeting of Minds Asset Management is a half day (0815-1430) strategic forum organised on a biannual basis. This will be the sixth in the series.

It will bring together some 40 C-suite asset managers (CEOs and COOs) to work through the key challenges facing their individual businesses and the industry as a whole.

You will enjoy access to strategic insight and networking at the highest level. In addition, external speakers are invited to provide keynotes to spark debate and encourage fresh and original thinking.

At the core of these Meetings is the series of roundtables addressing the pre-researched and pre-agreed agenda. These provide an opportunity for open discussion led by objective and professional facilitators. You will be invited to shape your day by choosing the roundtables in which you wish to participate. You will be able to participate in three.

This is your opportunity to compare notes with your peers; to share best practice; gather industry intel; and discuss the changing face of asset management.

The benefits of participating:

  • Strategic engagement - Share best practice 
  • Meet your peers - Networking at the highest level
  • Hear new thinking and explore the latest trends
  • Inspiring insights from external keynote speakers
  • Platform for change - An opportunity to work through the key challenges facing both your business and the industry, with a view to find collective ways of driving change forward
  • Bespoke and tailored - An opportunity to build your own itinerary enabling you to participate in roundtables focusing on those subjects which matter to you

How does it work?

A Meeting of Minds is a carefully curated half day running from a networking breakfast through to a formal luncheon. The format is a blend of:

  • Keynote sessions geared to encouraging new thinking – typically from outside of the industry;
  • Roundtables – small facilitated groups addressing a carefully researched agenda. Conversations are Chatham House allowing participants to speak openly and freely.
  • Plenty of networking opportunities including a formal seated luncheon.
  • Some “me” time. Leadership can be a lonely old place!

In summary, your time is precious and our goal is to ensure that if you spend it with us, you spend it in the company of your peers, you address the subjects which matter to you, and all in a time efficient manner.

What does it cost?

There is no fee to take part - just your time - and we appreciate that is a very precious commodity.

If you would like to join or discuss the Meeting in more detail, do please call John Hall or Evie Owen on 01483 861334 or email



Schedule of the Day

  • 08:15


    Informal networking over breakfast

  • 08:45


    Evie Owen, Joint Managing Director, Owen James will open with the findings of Owen James’ proprietary research looking at asset management trends and the current distribution landscape.

  • 09:15

    Roundtable 1

  • 10:25


    Apple & BlackBerry time

  • 10:45

    Roundtable 2

  • 11:55

    Roundtable 3

  • 13:00


    A seated formal luncheon incorporating the second keynote.

  • 14:25


    And back to work we go!


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The Berkeley Hotel, Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7RL