Facilitate one of our roundtable session

One of the key roles at an Owen James’ event is that of facilitator.   Owen James brings together some 14 – 15 senior decision-makers (mostly at “C” suite level) for what we term roundtable discussion groups. These take place in individual meeting rooms.

All participants are pre-booked into these sessions which address a pre-researched and pre-agreed agenda; even named tent cards are provided to ensure everyone is able to easily identify their fellow participants. These sessions are typically just over an hour in length.

The format of these sessions is for the session leader to introduce the subject. Typically they will use a handout rather than PowerPoint – the objective is to get the group to lean in rather than sit back. They will speak for a maximum of ten minutes before handing over to the Facilitator whose primary role is to drive the conversation and ensure that everyone contributes to the discussion. 

Ideally they will be knowledgeable of the session tabled for discussion and able to feed in additional stimulus where appropriate. round-table-780-x-520-20.jpg

We would ask that the Facilitator and the session leader get together in the week before the event to work out how they plan to run the session and agree the outputs they are looking for. 

Following the event, the Facilitator is asked to produce two pages of A4, documenting the discussion and highlighting any key findings.  This will be published to all event participants and, where appropriate, to a wider audience. The Facilitator will have their company branding on the resultant white paper. 


If you would like to get involved with one of our events please do call us on 01483 861334 or email Evie Owen or James Goad 

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