Data Privacy Protection Policy

Information copyright and data protection: Information supplied by the Organiser in relation to the

Event is accurate to the best of its knowledge and belief but shall not constitute any warranty or representation by the Organiser. Unless stated otherwise all information and data relating to

the Event which is supplied by the Organiser to a Delegate is for use by the Delegate only, is the copyright of the Organiser and cannot be passed on to any third party for any purpose.

Use and disclosure of Personal Data: The Organiser will only use the information that it collects about the Delegate in accordance with its data protection notification pursuant to the Data Protection Act 1998.

The Organiser collects Personal Data in order to be able to respond to requests for information and to provide the Delegate with the best possible service. This includes, but is not limited to, processing the Personal Data for the following purposes:

  •          fulfilling event bookings
  •          market research
  •          marketing profiles
  •          notifying the Delegate of any new services, products, events and features
  •          providing a personalised service
  •          strategic development
  •          understanding the Delegate’s needs

The Organiser will never collect sensitive personal information (eg racial origin) without the Delegate’s explicit consent.