Findings from Wealth Management and Private Banking 09 June 2022


The 31th Meeting of Minds – Wealth Management and Private Banking took place on Thursday 9th June 2022 in person. This document summarises the key issues raised in the topics discussed during the roundtables that took place.

The Meetings are Chatham House and thus participants are encouraged to speak openly and frankly and share insights and learning in the knowledge that any comments they might make will be non-attributable. Participants enjoyed access to strategic insight, active involvement in shaping the industry and networking at the highest level.

The Format

A Meeting of Minds - Winning Advisers is a biannual strategic forum organised by Owen James. It is an opportunity for some 60 plus owner managers of independently spirited IFA firms to come together with product and service providers keen to engage with them on a strategic level. These Meetings provide a neutral environment where they can examine industry issues, opportunities and develop business strategies to address them.

Each virtual half day is a blend of roundtable sessions addressing a pre-researched and pre-agreed agenda with open discussion led by objective and professional facilitators; keynotes provided by external speakers whose remit is to spark debate and encourage fresh and original thinking; plus, structured networking.

We would like to thank all our sponsors whose financial contribution enabled the Meeting to take place.

The following groups took part in this Meeting and their motivation for taking part was threefold:

  • To be, and to be seen as being supportive of the industry;
  • To understand the stresses and strains being placed on the industry and, where possible, respond to them; and
  • To talk openly with these business leaders with a view to ensuring that their businesses are strategically aligned.

We would also like to thank our facilitators. The roundtables are key to the success of A Meeting of Minds and integral to that role are our facilitators.

  • Patrick Lawther
  • Philip Biber
  • Richard Clarke
  • Chris Shaw
  • Caroline Burkart
  • David Barks
  • Roopalee Dave

  • PGIM Investments
  • WisdomTree
  • Bluebay
  • State Street Global Advisors
  • Titanbay
  • InvestCloud
  • Farrer & Co
  • Multrees
  • Lazard Asset Management
  • Aviva Investors
  • EY

The Findings


SHOWING 1 - 5 of 10

SHOWING 1 - 5 of 10