Client data – ensuring it makes a difference

Financial Advisory

James Goad

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To financial advisory firms strategic business planning is paramount. Whether buying, selling, building or retiring, it is essential that Financial Advisers understand their business objectives and have an effective strategy to achieve them.


  • Get strategic with your data – use it to navigate business.
  • Organisational and client data will help with compliance.
  • What systems do you have in place to drive data completion?

Key issues challenges:

  • Conducting a data clause analysis in your business to identify gaps.
  • Understanding how you manage communication of data in your business.
  • Map out your client journey to identify data points.
  • Often businesses with ‘siloed’ systems suffer from them not talking to one another.

Conclusions and solutions: 


  • Conduct a regular ‘audit’ of your client data.
  • Use it to drive strategic decisions.
  • There are fine resources to help – usually back of office provisions.
  • Don’t discount the work you have done on GDPR or MIFID II as preparation.


Expert: Chris Davies, Engage Insight
Facilitator: Neil Baines-Thomas, Owen James Group