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Make Connections: Meet face-to-face with up to 100 high-calibre financial services attendees


A Meeting of Minds prides itself on...

  1. Consistently delivering what it promises - Now into its tenth year, Owen James has a proven track record of fielding audiences and strategic thinking of the highest quality.

  2. A unique approach, much more than just an event - Participants keep telling us that they are tired of the traditional 'product push' and are looking to engage strategically with product and service providers to find innovation ways in which to work together for the common good of the industry, as well as the benefit of the all important bottom line!

  3. Time efficient - Senior decision makers can only afford to take time out of the office for good reason. The whole approach to A Meeting of Minds is to ensure that good reason exists.

  4. Cost effective - For budgeting purposes, the fee is fully inclusive. There are absolutely no added extras.


Experience tells us you will leave the event with  new business opportunities,  ideas for novel research, new prospects, and new friends. Get involved with Owen James Events and see how we can help make this year a stellar year for your business.


Additional benefits to the sponsoring company, include:


  • Market intelligence - We undertake substantial research on our delegation before each event to ensure you have the information you need to identify and maximise new opportunities.  You have an opportunity to input into the scene setter questionnaire and ask your own questions to the audience.  You will receive the results of this research before each event.
  • Opportunity to shape the delegate list – Before the event, we send you through our ‘wish list’ of invites.  This is a great cross check against your own databases and gives you an opportunity to highlight any potential gaps.
  • Opportunity to market test roundtable topics – During our one-to-one meetings with the participants, we would be happy to market-test any ideas you have to ensure your roundtable hits the right notes on the day.

At the event:

  • Networking – plenty of networking opportunities through hosted mealtimes; preselected one-to-one meetings; and speed networking.
  • Hosted roundtables – You have an opportunity to host your own roundtable(s).  Each roundtable lasts for 70 mins and you will typically host circa 15 participants.  We provide you with a moderator from a large consultancy to keep the conversation on track and you have an opportunity to set the scene for the first 10-15 mins before the conversation is opened up to the group.
  • Big picture keynotes – we run three keynote presentations on the day.  They are designed to inspire and get the audience to ‘look up and outside of the box’.
  • Overnight accommodation (IFA events only) – one night’s accommodation is included in your sponsorship package.

Post event:

  • Full contact details – with the permission of the participants you will be sent through the contact details and scene-setter results electronically (as well as in the hardcopy catalogue).
  • Roundtable Findings – the outputs of all the roundtables are published post-event to ensure that the Meeting does not turn into a ‘talking shop’.  The document carries the sponsor’s branding and acts as a great marketing document.
  • Follow up opportunities – This could include facilitating follow up opportunities in the couple of months that follow the event (eg organise any meetings with participants you did not get to meet on the day); arranging post-event briefings with roundtable participants; etc.


Contact the Sponsorship Team for further details

Call Evie Owen or Hannah Jackson  on 01483 861334 or