Asset Management

Chief Executive Officers and Chief Operating Officers from the largest Asset Managers with interest in current trends within the industry.

A Meeting of Minds - Asset Management is a half day of strategic engagement and runs from breakfast through lunch.

The format is a blend of pre-researched roundtables, keynote speakers and networking, both structured and unstructured.

There are many benefits to attending such an event including access to:

  1. Get your finger on the pulse in terms of what is keeping your competitors up at night
  2. Share best (and worst) practice with your peers
  3. A platform to work through the key challenges facing your business and find ways to drive change forward

At the event you will be joined by a high calibre of participants who have been selected by invitation only - click here to see previous delegates.

Companies that have been represented at previous events, include:
Aisa Professional, Clairville York, Go IFA, Holden and Partners, Joseph Lamb, Lucas Fettes & Partners and Prosperity IFA.

If you would like to find out more about these events, do please call John Hall on 01483 861 334 or email him at