The Findings

After each Meeting Owen James publish 'The Findings', a document that encapsulates and shares the key issues and topics discussed on the day.

Each section below summarises the different roundtable sessions and covers an array of industry driven topics. 

The Findings are listed in Event date order, but don't just look for an event you attended, explore the research facility that gives you access to topics addressed at all our other Meetings – past and present.


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  • Open Banking and Open Finance

    Open finance is expected to take the concept of interconnected systems and transparency initiated by open banking and expand its reach across the broader financial spectrum, including pensions and investments. Yet open banking’s take-up has failed to meet its hype, despite the obvious efficiencies. This session looked at the opportunities, barriers and possibilities for the wealth management and financial planning sectors and their clients.

    24 September 2020WealthTech Matters - The Adviser

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