The tenth Winning Advisers took place on Tuesday 13 October 2015 at Tylney Hall, Hampshire. This document summarises key issues raised in the topics discussed during the roundtables that took place on theday.

Winning Advisers is a strategic forum organised by Owen James. It is an opportunity for some 60 plus CEOs and MDs of the top 60-400 IFAs; product and service providers and industry experts to meet in a neutral environment where they can examine industry issues, opportunities and develop business strategies to address them.

Participants enjoy access to strategic insight, active involvement in shaping the industry and networking at the highest level.

The core of the Meeting involves a series of boardroom style sessions addressing a pre-researched and pre-agreed agenda, with open discussion led by objective and professional moderators. External speakers spark debate and encourage fresh and original thinking.

This Report

The Roundtable Sessions were moderated by:

  •          Mr Rod Bryson – CapGemini
  •          Mr Chris Davies – EngageInsight
  •          Charo Garzon –Paradox
  •          David Ingram – Aim TwoThree
  •          Mr Malcolm Kerr –EY
  •          Ms Sarah McLeish –EY
  •          Jeremy Oakley –KPMG
  •          Innes Miller – ScydoniaWealth
  •          Mr Roderic Rennison – RennisonConsulting 

We are very grateful for the time and energy they have expended on making Winning Advisers a success and hope you will consider this report an interesting, thought-provoking and accessible read. As ever your feedback is much appreciated.

We would also like to thank the independent experts who were part of the sessions for sharing their knowledge and giving us their time and energy both in the run up to Winning Advisers and on the day.

The Sponsors

We would like to thank all our sponsors, without whom the event would not have been possible. The following groups took part in the Meeting and their motivation for taking part is threefold:

  •          To be, and to be seen as being, supportive of theindustry;
  •          To understand the stresses and strains being placed on the industry and, where possible, respond to them;and
  •          To talk openly with these business leaders with a view to ensuring that their businessesare strategicallyaligned.

To find out more about taking part, please contact: Emily Landless at Owen James:  or you can contact her on 01483 862 698.

The Findings


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  • Powering Your Business – placing the adviser at the heart of the value chain

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of our delegates (71% in fact) use an in-house CIP approach for their investment portfolios; followed by 38% using a third party CIP approach, but maybe it is time to have a good look at all the options out there.

  • Preparing for growth

  • Preparing for growth: What can we learn from global high growth advisory firms?

    The Advisor Benchmark study aims to understand global best practices in financial advice around the world, to help firms deliver better services and outcomes for clients. Leveraging data from the 2018 Benchmark study of over 1,300 advisory firms, this session discussed findings that relate to the characteristics of higher growth firms, relative to their lower growth peers.

  • Residential property as a wealth planning vehicle

    Direct property investing is hugely popular in the UK, Whether people buying a home to live in, or as part of a Buy-to-Let portfolio. The average house price in England and Wales has risen by over 300% since 1996.There is £1 trillion housing equity held by the over 65s however, recent changes to taxes, notably increased stamp duty as well as more stringent taxation on property income for Buy-To-Let investments made such investments less attractive for some investors. These changes, coupled with other trends such as online investing, and the emergence of crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending, has led to a flurry of new players in the market offering “Alternative options to invest in residential property”. While direct property investment is a market most advisers don’t get involved with, there are a lot of new opportunities for investors. Shouldn’t you be helping your clients navigate through this new landscape. Equity Release as a brand has a poor historical reputation due to the way it has been sold and who it has been sold to. But given a lot of wealth is locked up in residential property, how can adviser help clients assess Equity Release as an option for cash flow and financial planning ? What will Brexit mean for UK residential property?

  • Senior Managers Regime – doing the right thing and maybe being seen doing the right thing?

    With the FCA ‘Senior Managers Regime’ imminent, it business critical that Advisers fully understand the implications on governance and responsibility and are actively reviewing business processes, structures and accountability.

SHOWING 21 - 25 of 33