Findings from Mortgage Meeting of Minds - 21 September 2023


Back in 2007, we were on the verge of launching A Meeting of Minds for the mortgage industry in association with the AMI. At the time the mortgage industry is saturated with events bringing mortgage intermediaries together for ‘a jolly’. However, it was identified that there was a gap in the market for focused strategic event driving change in the industry.

At the time, the objective of the Meeting of Minds was: 1. The event – to build a three-year plan to manage the industry’s reputation as European regulation takes hold (this could now be looking at the Financial Services & Markets Bill). 2. AMI – to facilitate strategic forum type events bring together lenders and brokers. 3. Owen James – to diversify into a new financial community. However, the credit crisis then hit and we put the idea on ice. Now felt like the right time to rekindle the idea and launch a series bringing together the top 200 mortgage brokers; networks and clubs with lenders.

The Format:

Our first Meeting of Minds Mortgage took place on Thursday 21st September. This document captures the outputs from the programme of the six interactive roundtables which took place.

The Meeting of Minds format is a strategic forum organised by Owen James. This event brought together delegate firms from the large Independent Mortgage Brokers including; online, mortgage networks and mortgage clubs, as well as, the client facing teams at the banks and building societies - all at board level.

The Facilitators:

We would also like to thank our facilitators who are key to the success of A Meeting of Minds. We are very grateful for the help of David Owen (Openwork), Kevin Mountford (Raisin UK), Ben MacGregor (Savanta), Mark Spiers (Bovill), and Kathy Ellison, (Savanta), Evie Owen, whose role was to ensure that the roundtables maintained their focus and to encourage participation from all.

The Findings


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SHOWING 1 - 5 of 9