Breakfast Briefings

In addition to the core Meeting of Minds Owen James have developed a series of Breakfast Briefings to broaden their offering and bring together senior decision makers...

The Big Idea 

The aim of an Owen James Breakfast Briefing is to bring together decision makers from a niche community every three months for a short, sharp and to the point updates on key themes and issues critical to their business.  
As the pace of business life continues to speed up 08.00-10.00 first thing in the morning is considered an excellent and acceptable time for our senior bods to devote to some strategic thinking.
Typically a group of 25-30 decision makers will gather together to address two or three topics which will be introduced by an expert and then opened up to the group for a fuller discussion.  Each briefing will be chaired for super tight time keeping too.
Sponsoring and facilitating one of our Breakfast Briefings is a great way to show how supportive you are of the industry.  Owen James will help source and invite particpants and support you to produce the agenda.  
If you would like to know more about how to join us or any sponsorship opportunities please click on the red button:  

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