People pleasing. Creating a successful and inclusive culture in a hybrid workplace

Wealth Management and Private Banking

09 June 2022

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Moderator: Roopalee Dave, EY Expert: Mark Somers, Somers Partnership


  • Look through the lens of your people - not through your own lens - when deciding what is the best approach for creating the right hybrid environment
  • Employees are at different point on their journey with you consider new joiners as well as those with more experience at your firm
  • The employee expectation is currently winning over the employer
  • The challenge is making sure that people feel that they belong in the hybrid working environment that you create and those who are not fostering the correct culture, are “pulled up” by senior management

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a difference between those in client-facing roles and operations and the requirement to be in the office more regularly for the former. How do you build that equity between the two?
  • Managers and leaders need to set boundaries, the organisation needs to set principles and employees act within it
  • DEI is difficult to get right at there is now a group which are starting to feel excluded (White, middle-aged, men)
  • Get the data from your employees, what do they actually want vs what you think they want