How to exit your company on top and be happy with the outcome

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  • A huge amount of Merger and Acquisition activity in the sector

Key Issues and Challenges:

  • There is a conflict of interest between the wall of Private Equity money that is flooding the market. Their
    short-term investment horizon (3-5 years) conflict with a client’s long-term investment horizon (often 30 years
  • To have good succession planning we need more new blood in the adviser industry but the traditional routes
    of entry no longer exists. The industry as a whole should invest in new recruitment strategies

Conclusion and Solutions:

  • The key to a happy exit is to plan early. Don’t leave things until the last minute, it will restrict your options
  • Good succession planning should be reviewed at least once per annum and don’t dismiss the opportunity
    of current staff/advisers acquiring the business from you. Prices are very competitive so that’s not always
    possible. However, Chris Budd’s book, “The Eternal Business” is worth a read. It focuses on how
    Employee Ownership Trusts can be used to transition the business to staff and is worth considering as an
  • Good succession planning means giving staff some security about the future 

John Chapman, Orion Consultancy Ltd
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John Chapman, Orion Consultancy Ltd
John Chapman, Orion Consultancy Ltd