Fidelius Lunch Briefing - Devon

Chagford, Devon

15 March 2023

Fidelius Lunch Briefing - Devon

Fidelius Lunch Briefing - Devon

  • 15 Mar 2023

    Gidleigh Park

    Chagford, Devon

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HOME FOR GROWTH – What are the options for businesses that wish to grow to the next level and increase their valuation?


  • What are the main considerations/milestones when planning for the next stage in growth
  • What effect can a growth plan have on profitability/earnings over the short to medium term
  • Key factors that impact the value of wealth businesses
  • Fidelius believe the risk of running advisory portfolios has increased in the last 12 months – how can this be mitigated going forward?
  • What are the current options for businesses that wish to raise capital

This event is perfect if...

  • You wish to raise capital to fund future growth 
  • You recognise the value of your teams and would like to help them develop
  • You are an IFA that wants to take some risks off the table
  • You are an IFA that currently manages Advisory Portfolios  

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Gidleigh Park, Chagford, Devon